Tuesday, November 01, 2005

sugar pants

Usually halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. What other day can you excusably dress like a tramp and eat all the chocolate all your little heart desires, unless you're name's Tina the drag queen or you're the office fatty with bad fashion sense. This year I did ziltch other than pass out tooth decay to the brats in my neighborhood, and let me tell you people I was APPALLED. I made the mistake of sticking the bowl out the door to keep my maniacal beasts at bay when it was the kids I should have been worried about, they went beserk, grabbing and pushing as they took half the candy out of the bowl in one fell swoop, one of them even came back for seconds. Someone should be passing out tranquilizer instead of sugar, or maybe just some apples with razor blades in them.

My favorite dancin ladies, The Dames Aflame, are giving burlesque dance lessons at Dance 411 Studios in Atlanta. You too can shake it like Carmen Electra and the pussycat dolls, but oh so much cooler. Here's the skinny.


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