Monday, October 17, 2005


Someone should really do something about Tom Cruise and Cameron Crow. I went and saw elizabethtown this weekend. For the most part it was bearable because Orlando Bloom is so easy on the eyes, but aside from that, its utter self righteousness and garden state rip off plot made want to go suck on an exhaust pipe. In case you missed the gist, OB works for a major shoe company coincidentally located in Oregon, land of the free home of the niketown. He is a hot shit 20-something shoe engineer that creates some superpower shoe that busts when it ends up getting recalled.

Just as Bloom is about to impale himself on a steak knife like sunday morning turkey, his sister calls to inform him their father has just passed and he needs to go to meet his estranged family in kentucky to have him cremated and bring him home. Fast forward, he meets the quirky smart girl who's unlike his shallow ladder climbing girlfriend who just dumped him after recent fall from glory, and she shows him how's there's so much more to life than work and success and la de fucking da isn't it wonderful, don't be so shallow and get sucked into the lie.

OK this is what pissed me off. The director and producer of this movie are en large a HUGE part of the very thing they are shunning. I feel crazy here, are these people just total sadists? They create the very thing that they are telling us is bad, and moreover, they recycle it to us and make us feel bad because we buy into the whole shebang. That's some sick sheait.


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