Monday, October 31, 2005

fire ho's

My friend Bill turned me onto the idea that birthdays should last 7 days. Every year he has Billfest, a party that lasts about 4 days or so, and the other 3 days he milks for all it's worth. I decided to subscribe to this idea last year and informed Naoya that we should have Shereefest, a week long party of monolithic proportions. That was fun, but the thing about relationships is that you may receive, but also give, so this year we started off the week long party the day of his birthday, Thursday which began at Rathbuns for a quiet evening and ended up at the shoe show, aka Tattletales, the atlanta strip club.

I hadn't stepped foot in the place in about 3 or so years, but I was surprised that not only did the tired looking strippers look like they had been beaten with an ugly stick, they were RUDE. Having been in this profession in my late teens, I couldn't comprehend why these girls were being so hateful. I guess having to strut that sad little stage in 6 inch stilettos for the last 15 years might put me in a bad mood too.

Trying to keep it down a bit, I decided to throw a surprise birthday party at the house. Although I think the most surprising events ended up happening to everyone that was there. We drank, played ping pong, beat the crap out of a pinata, broke up with our boyfriends, caught our coat on fire and ended the night with an ambulance.

oh the madness.


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