Friday, October 14, 2005


There is something weird and uncomfortable about sitting naked in a small room with another stranger. Perhaps not in vodka fueled hookups post friday night clubbing that end with you and a cute stranger of the opposite (or same) sex doing the deed, but in a small steam room at the spa. Usually the steam room is empty, but I wondered how long I could enjoy my solitude before I would run into someone else there, or slip and crack my head open, which happened last night (sharing the room, not my blood with the floor). It was eire and quiet and just plain weird to sit there with someone else, in silence, with only the sound of water drops hitting the tile floor. I could hear her breathing and I tried to keep mine quiet so she couldn't hear mine. Too intimate of an encounter for me with a naked stranger. Does anyone else feel this way? Or are steam rooms just modern bathhouses for hot lesbian sex that I am not in the know about?


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