Monday, November 07, 2005

far removed

Ken Waters blew his horn in The Whisper Room at Churchill Grounds on Saturday night. I was pleasantly surprised as the Brazilian inspired tunes filled the room. He played a song from his wedding that was absolutely heart breaking. It made me feel a whole range of emotions, it was almost like an intimate conversation about one's life. I had too make a break for the little girls room and sat listening to the music through the walls. It actually sounded better in the there. It made me think about how a lot of things are like that, not that they sound better in the bathroom, but when you're removed from the full on assault, you can hear more of the melody of things.

Jodi and I took the pooches to Sweetwater creek on Saturday. It was a precarious climb with my two mutts leashed on a bungee tether harness. There were many times I thought I would lose my footing and fly face forward into the rocks below. Luckily we got out fairly unscathed and snapped a few photos along the way.


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