Friday, November 11, 2005

power nap

I just woke up on the toilet. It's a startling realization when you are in a deep 15 minute sleep pattern and the sound of your snoring jars you awake. I was at work in the bathroom, asleep on the hopper. I hope someone didn't come in and hear me sawing logs. I am exhausted today, my hectic schedule keeping me from sleeping as of late. Someone once told me about the bathroom power nap. Supposedly if you sit backwards on a toilet, cross your arms and put your head down you can nap for 10 minutes, the blood will get cut off to your arms and the pins and needles sensation will wake you up. This technique hasn't worked for me. The bathrooms at work don't have tanks of them, so instead I prop my arms up on my legs and plug my ears, this seems to work fairly well, until my elbows slip and I accidentally slap myself awake, my hand landing in the wet spot of drool on my new jeans. But god do I feel better.

The link below has information about power naps and increased productivity. See, look at this wonderful blog entry you got as a result of mine. If you don't feel comfortable sleeping in the john, here are some other notable places I have power napped: conference room, my office, sick room closet, car (not recommended in the summer), and under my desk.

Power Napping for Improved Productivity


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