Saturday, December 10, 2005


So last night Naoya and I went to P'Cheen, a new spot that recently opened up in the old 4th ward. It's small, dark, cozy, very cool vibe. We were seated towards the back of the restaurant. The quarters are small, so everyone sits pretty close to one another. On my left were 2 metros enjoying a quiet dinner, and to my right sat a table of 4 black guys. The table to my left progressively got louder and louder until I could not hear anything Naoya was saying. We literally had to shout across the 4 x 4 table to hear one other. Little Jon was lounging back yapping na this and na that while his boys sat and ordered nothing while the poor waitress came back and forth to the table asking if there was anything else she could possibly get them. I do not understand this behavior. Is it a need for attention, or did their mothers just not teach them good manners? Not only that, the topics of conversation ranged from degrading comments about the white girls in atlanta and where you can order expensive bottles of champagne or just get the bottles and fill them up with something else, although I missed out on the recorking process. It's a free country, but if you're sitting next to me at dinner, lets talk in our inside voices, or better yet, please just shut the hell up.


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