Monday, August 22, 2005

morphine and pasta

Saturday night, me in the kitchen, morphine on my stereo. Whenever I cook, I have different CD’s that I play so the food turns out right, it also makes the whole experience complete. It if was up to me (and often is the case) I would shut out the audible world with headphones and listen to my own soundtrack.

Saturday night I went shopping to prepare the perfect meal for my boyfriend. I got all the ingredients; hot italian sausage, marinara sauce, red wine, a fresh baguette, a clove of garlic, and sinful, evil, delicious pasta. Unfortunately when I got home, I couldn’t locate my Natalie Cole CD that I rock whenever I make bolognaise sauce. Not to be confused with the CD I use when preparing dishes that require alfredo sauce, Suzanne Vegas’ Nine Objects of Desire, which has a much creamier sound that doesn't stand up to marinara. It is, however, fantastic when drinking gin and tonics with close girlfriends. So, not wanting to ruin our dinner, I substituted Morphine’s Yes album as a last resort. It’s swanking and swaggering and lord knows Mark Sandman's voice can turn my knees into spaghetti . The dinner seemed to go fantastic, the food tasted great, everyone wanted seconds, and then while I was cleaning up the dishes, my boyfriend went and threw it all up. I was absolutely horrified. I knew I shouldn’t mix morphine and pasta, it’s just a bad idea.


  • Funny post Sheree. And to think I've been cooking in silence all these years...

    By Blogger Slam, at 11:52 AM  

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