Thursday, August 11, 2005

who loves you?

I came across this little gem on
Joel Lava is a genius. although I think Kennedy has some serious mommy issues.

"The other night, a couple of friends invited me over to watch television with their three-year-old son. He's infatuated with the latest European children's program, in which rainbow-colored ovum move about the screen, powered by flatulence. There I was, watching what suddenly seemed to me the Decline of Western Civilization, wondering whether my parents worried as much about my childhood exposure to Blacula. But then I realized that my friends and I fretted about our parents' influences as much as they worried about ours. The new music video for Kennedy's song "Your Mama," in which the singer brags about sexing up a MILF, plays right into kids' anxieties about their parents' moral rectitude. I spoke with the director, Joel Lava."


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