Tuesday, August 09, 2005

29 Things About Me

1. Chia pets freak me out

2. I was in a drive by shooting in a suburban neighborhood

3. When I was 6, I was playing barbershop with a boy who cut off all my hair

4. I wear a 36D

5. I tried to smoke banana peels because I heard that it could get you high

6. Once when I was 9, I went trick or treating in the summer time, and the neighbor gave me an ice cream bar that melted in my jack lantern pail

7. When my sister was born, my dad wanted to name her Sam, but my mother objected because her name would have been Sam hill

8. I made a fake ID when I was 17 to get a job at a strip club

9. I love pizza, beer, mayonnaise, French fries and artichokes – all in that order

10. I made a slam book in 6th grade, when it was confiscated, an assembly was called for the school and I was suspended.

11. I had a club called AARF when I was in 5h grade, it stood for “All Against Ryan Felix” we had id cards that I laminated with contact paper. We also published one newsletter

12. I collect plastic toys

13. I love pharmaceuticals and am always accepting contributions from individuals who have some left over from wisdom teeth extractions, car accidentas or grammas medicine cabinate

14. I wanted to change my name to Mercedes after watching "can't buy me love"

15. I love cartoons, my favorite are strongbad, mucha lucha, and adult swim

16. I miss my Jem and the Holograms doll that my little sister stole from me

17. I can speak about 20 words of Spanish

18. I bite my nails

19. I don’t like okra, unless it’s fried, I don’t like peas by themselves

20. I dig hentai

21. I read celebrity trash

22. this item has been removed as I saw someone else do it and it grossed me out...

23. I think my sister is the hardest working girl alive

24. My grandparents are an example of true love

25. I love meg ryan movies – you’ve got mail and French kiss are my favorite movies

26. If I wasn’t into design I would have gone into culinary

27. I like it when girls unexpectedly say raw things, like peaches and liz fair

28. I was a heroin addict from ages 18-20 but have been clean for 7 years

29. The sound of a football game on TV can lull me to sleep


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