Tuesday, December 20, 2005

bad salad

I'm sitting here eating salad that contains veggies I think should have been chucked a few days ago, they have that weird garbage smell/taste, usually a pretty strong indicator. I'm catching a flight to SF tomorrow morning to spend a week with the boy's family for christmas, and I refuse to buy groceries, am too lazy to pick up something and am trying to avoid the sad slice of mangled pizza in the fridge. (too late)
As usual I am busting my ass trying to finish up a project at the last minute - a compositing nightmare that would normally take a week to finish, in a span of 12 hours. Not that the last 4 days haven't provided me ample time, it's just that all the shopping and Christmas parties got in the way. What is a girl to do? Post to my blog of course! Isn't it interesting how one can find multitudes of other things to do there is something else one should really be doing? ok ok ok, I'm getting back to work, and my bad salad.


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