Sunday, May 21, 2006

mp3 sugar

One of my coworkers just turned me onto mp3 sugar, a russian website where you can download entire albums for $1, and they're MP3s, so forget about the pesky iTunes encoding. Apparently they are in litigation with the RIAA, so I would get the goods while they're hot, or not for that matter. If you use firefox, get the plugin Download them all!. This will allow you to get the entire album with one selection, otherwise you have to download the links one at a time.

My purchases today:

Sinead O'Connor - The Lion and The Cobra
Vega, Suzanne - Best Of Suzanne Vega - Tried And True
Morcheeba - The Antidote
Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die
Various Artist - Bar Lounge Classics-Oriental Edition
Various Artist - Tokyo Lounge
Massive Attack - Collected
Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors


  • Do you not know Bearshare?

    By Blogger kevin, at 3:25 AM  

  • hmmm very tempting. the only thing that scares me is whether this is just one big scam to 'harvest' credit card details to make 'clones'. six months down the line you might have a load of unknown forgien transactions on your monthly credit card statement.
    my suggestion is to download the albums you want, and then cancel the credit card you used for this...

    By Blogger the year of the dog, at 2:37 PM  

  • that's a scary thought, I might want to just change the card#, seeing as if that's what they're doing they probably will keep the CC# even if I cancel my account.

    By Blogger sheree, at 2:47 PM  

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