Monday, April 17, 2006


My parents invited Naoya and I down to Destin for the weekend, so we trekked 6 hours, looking forward to a much needed break from the work that has become all encompassing in both our lives. The trip started out good enough, I ducked out of work at 11:30 and popped in for a much needed lacquer job, then it was off to the beach. I have to admit, driving down Alabama state roads is a bit eerie. I usually spend all of my time in a city so crowded with traffic jams, thugs, hookers, students, hipsters and business persons, that winding down these rolling foothills, peppered with rusting trucks and mobile home parks with not a soul in sight was starting to feel uncomfortable. Scenes from Deliverance kept flashing through my overworked brain and I tried to avoid stops at all cost. An hour into the drive my stomach got the better of me and we stopped off at a subway that looked like a monster from the Victorian age threw up all over it. With our bellies full thanks to the baby meth addict behind the counter, we headed out. We finally arrived and the salty air and burning sunset was a magnificent sight. I lived in Florida for quite a few years, but it still takes my breath away watching the sun melt over the water.

The rest of the trip was filled with a deep sea fishing expedition gone awry, my first mate, hunched over the back of the boat losing his breakfast he forgot to eat. I worked on my sunburn, and am quite proud of the shade of crimson I cultivated.

Overall it was a good trip, but a vacation just isn’t the same when you have to sleep in a separate bedroom from your boyfriend and are forbidden to enjoy cervasa while soakin up the sun. The beach is pretty, but it’s good to be home.

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