Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Taking your life into your own hands for the fun of it

I used to ride a mountain bike. Let me explain something about mountain bikes, they're fun, they're easy on the ass but they are for biznitches. Now I am not talking about those crazy fuks that take their bikes actually ON mountains, clipped in, falling on their face eating mud the whole way down a 40 degree incline of pure pain, I'm talking about the lame-O's like my former self that would ride them around town on bike paths and sidewalks. I'm not knocking you if you have one, just put your little dog in a basket on the front of your bike and honk your self a good old time. You are what H2B lovingly refers to as "flatbars".

Now I have a road bike. It's a whole new world people, both good and ugly. Let me tell you something about riding a road bike in Atlanta. First of all, Atlantans are terrible drivers to begin with. If any of you have experience driving here you know what I'm talking about. People do not pay attention. They're too busy texting their friends, eating, smoking, talking, putting on makeup, yammering on the phone, yelling at their kids, doing bumps or as my father told me yesterday that he was doing on his way home, playing poker on his dashboard mounted laptop. All this instead of actually, well, driving. This is terrifying for someone that is sharing the road with these multi ton vehicles on a 10 lb piece of carbon strapped to 2 rapidly moving wheels and only a stupid piece of padded plastic to protect their noodle.

The scariest place that I ride is Dekalb avenue, it's the best way to get back from Decatur to Inman park. But, unfortunately its a three lane road with one lane that changes to incoming and outgoing traffic depending what side of the road you're on and what time of day it is. Of course, on Saturday mornings, there is only one lane going in my direction. Last Saturday I was nearly clipped by a Scion, Toyota and Minivan.

But you go fast. Really fast.

I must give it up to the fixed gear no brake folks, although I do think they're a little insane. One of the coolest ones I saw was a dude that had two tattoos on his legs, it said fixed on the back left of his calf and gear on the right back of his other.

I do admit feeling like a dork in my padded pants, but dammit those seat Feking HURT!!!!! I decided to create H2B a custom jersey to give a little bit of cred to his gear. The logo above I created to stencil on a jersey I got. I found a really cool way of silkscreening without having to use emulsion. It's called EZScreenPrint. You can check out their products here.

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  • I created a similar design years ago with a Spirograph. On an unrelated note, I once made a picture on an Etch A Sketch that looked something like this:

    | ----
    | |

    By Blogger kevin, at 11:25 PM  

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