Sunday, November 12, 2006

indecent proposal

My intention last night was to be a good girl and stay inside with a friend, fire and bottle of pinot to watch Valley of the Dolls, which I must say is an absolutely fantastic movie. But, as usual the evil banshee that I try keep at bay named Consuela started rattling her cage and forced me to go to my spot ESL for few.

There is this corner of the club that has benches, it happens to be in clear view of the line to the bathroom, so there is always something entertaining to watch or someone to talk to while they do the pee pee dance. So I'm sitting there with G and a random stranger walks up to us, the conversation went something like this:

Stranger: "When's the wedding?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Stranger: "Aren't you guys getting married?"
Me & Date: (in unison) "No no no" (laughing)
Stranger: "Oh yes you will, you’ll be married" (walks off)
Me: (turning to date) "what in the hell was that?"
Date: "I have no idea"

In our intoxication we laughed about how ridiculous this man's comments were and proceeded to joke that we should just hop a plane to Vegas and get hitched as the man must have been clairvoyant and it was some sort of sign. What would possess someone to say such a thing I have no idea, but it was entertaining to be told my future by some drunk strange man in a dark bar.


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