Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The open road has not been kind to me this week. Saturday night Tamera and I went to a benefit for one of her friends that lost his legs in some freak accident. Ironically it included drinking massive amounts of alcohol and riding motorcycles. When we got on the bike to leave, the headlight was burned out. Her surly friend Wieser suggested duct tape and a flashlight available for purchase down the street at the local CVS. Burly Wieser whipped out his trusty zippo and did a macgyver job of strapping it to the handlebars. Not to hinder our escapades, we went riding into the night like slightly handicapped banshees.

While putting on my lipstick this morning on my way to work my car swerved and hit the curb, busting not one, but both passenger side tires. Some would say poetic justice for a stupid driver putting on make up in the car and to a certain extent I can agree with you, but it was at a STOPLIGHT and I am highly skilled in such application. **The author notes that in the future all cosmetic application will be reserved for appropriate times when the said author is not behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.


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